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The Best Gnocchi in Melbourne

What's On Melbourne has spoken, and Tippler & Co's gnocchi is the best in the city (well, so we will claim)!

Our team was so excited when we saw the article from What's On Melbourne that put Tippler & Co. at the top of their best gnocchi in Melbourne list.

Frankly, we're not surprised, we've been stuffing our faces with these bad boys for literally years, you might even say that these beautiful, fluffy pieces of pasta were what got us through lockdown!

Rich History

Our Pan Fried Gnocchi, has an amazing story behind it. It was on our very first menu way back in 2013, and it was an instant hit with our customers. What's even more impressive is that we've only slightly tweaked the recipe in the 10 years since its debut, making it a beloved and enduring dish.

During lockdown, we realized that many of our dishes were not ideally suited for delivery, as they would arrive to the customer lukewarm. However, we discovered that our pan fried gnocchi traveled exceptionally well, and so we decided to embrace this and offer half-price gnocchi for delivery. We even took things a step further and got on e-bikes to deliver to four suburbs, including Collingwood, Richmond, Abbotsford, and the City. Our customers loved this, and it became a regular occurrence, with us often running out of gnocchi due to popular demand.

As we continued to evolve the dish, we looked for ways to improve it even further. We're passionate about regenerative agriculture and sourcing high-quality ingredients, so we sought out the best potatoes and eggs available. We found our potatoes from Jones Potatoes in Warragul, where they grow potatoes sustainably and with a focus on carbon sequestration. Our eggs are from Milawa, where they practice regenerative agriculture and have pasture-fed hens. These top-quality ingredients have helped us create an amazing pan fried gnocchi that tastes delicious and is better for the planet.

Half Price Gnocchi & Pasta Wednesdays

Looking for a mid-week pick-me-up? Come to our restaurant on Wednesday nights for our half-price pasta and gnocchi special. Made fresh that day with high-quality ingredients, our gnocchi and pasta dishes are a must-try. We use only the best ingredients, sourcing our potatoes from a regenerative farm in the Wimmera, and our eggs from Milawa, where the chickens are pasture-fed. The result is a delicious, authentic taste that will leave you wanting more. Whether you prefer classic pasta dishes or unique gnocchi combinations, our Wednesday night special is the perfect opportunity to indulge in some of the best cuisine that Melbourne has to offer. Don't miss out on this amazing deal and join us for a night of fantastic food and fun! Oh and by the way Happy Hour is on from 5 - 6pm so lots of reasons to get in early!

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Gnocchi Lovers List of Melbourne

At our restaurant, we are passionate about gnocchi. It’s not just a dish, it’s a way of life. We love pasta so much that we’ve scoured the city to find the best gnocchi spots in Melbourne, and we’re excited to share them with you. From the classic to the innovative, these restaurants are doing amazing things with gnocchi.

For starters, 48 Hour Pizze e Gnocchi restaurant’s gnocchi dough is rested for 48 hours, making it soft and pillowy to the bite. DOC Gastronomia in Carlton offers gluten-free (we do too) Gnocchi Alla Norma, with tomato-based sauce and salted ricotta, perfect for dietary restrictions. And don’t miss the beetroot gnocchi with 24-month-old parmigiano reggiano sauce and balsamic glaze from Cucinetta in South Yarra.

Local Folk Cafe in Kensington is a brekky hotspot and is known for featuring gnocchi on their breakfast menu. Their hearty mix of potato gnocchi, bacon, cherry tomatoes, and mushroom topped with pickled onion, fried egg, and shaved pecorino is an unexpected yet delicious combination.

Eat’aliano By Pino in Windsor is known for their huge, puffy-crusted, ultra-thin wagon wheels of cheesy deliciousness pizza, but their gnocchi is just as good. They offer two variations: a Napoli sauce with mozzarella or a four-cheese sauce baked in the oven.

Just a stones throw is Ms Frankie in Cremorne is a contemporary cocktail and pasta bar that makes their pasta by hand in a glass-enclosed, temperature-controlled booth. Their gnocchi ragu made with slow-cooked beef in a simple red sauce with a depth of flavor that makes your brain fizz is a definite highlight.

Thirty-Eight Chairs in South Yarra is all about modern Italian food with old-school Italian service. Their gnocchi served with baby veal ragu and white wine salsa is beautifully presented and one of the best gnocchi in Melbourne. +39 Pizzeria in Toorak and CBD makes delicious pizza, but their gnocchi is equally impressive. Their Venetian-style duck ragu sauce with Grana Padano and fresh thyme will transport you right to the streets of the water-based city.

Lover in Windsor is dishing up one of the best vegetarian gnocchi in Melbourne. Their pan-fried pillows of potato goodness are dressed in a Romesco sauce with broad beans and mint.

These are just a few of the incredible gnocchi dishes from some of our favorite restaurants in Melbourne, and we can’t wait for you to try them.